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About us

The moment you start seeing communication between people as a form of art, you start looking differently at its most widespread channels. Because that’s where you can enhance the experience for a large audience right from the start, simply by approaching it from a different angle. When email had its 50th birthday in 2021, it became about time to do exactly that, by simply asking one question; How did the world in which we communicate and use email change over the last 50 years?

The outcome and ideas that resulted from this quest, turned into a new starting point for the next 50 years, called Mailsociety.

Mailsociety originated in The Netherlands, and is supported by ideas and talent with an international scope, from France to Luxembourg, and the Ukraine to Portugal. On the journey to the official launch in the App Store, Mailsociety was selected for the Google for Startups track, participated in the Web Summit’s Alpha Program, and joined the delegation of the Dutch Startup Mission to the Web Summit in Lisbon.