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Mailsociety is transforming your inbox into an email powered B2C Superapp for your personal life. By making integrations with companies on top of the existing email ecosystem, we provide users with an easy- and efficient way to manage their entire digital lifestyle.

A visually rich layer on top of your inbox further enhances the user experience, complemented with features like the Mailsociety AI Assistant, auto-categorized emails, and newsletter suggestions.

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Going off road is part of the experience.

Not straight timeline


Online shopping? Going on a holiday? Following a newsletter? We recognized the struggles of the "email wave" that is flooding your inbox every day. But if you need to find a specific email you can't. After that moment, we started building Mailsociety.

December 2022

After passing rigorous security assessments by Google and PWC, we launched the first version of Mailsociety in the App Store.

May 2023

The launch of the first version in December only marked the beginning of our journey. After collecting valuable feedback, we immediately started to integrate these insights into a second version. This upcoming release, scheduled for May, will introduce exciting new features, including our very own Mailsociety AI Assistant.

December 2023

Our next goal is to Reach Anyone, Anywhere This entails optimizing our current app, adding other email providers, and launching on Android.


In the coming months, we'll be gradually introducing custom integrations with brands, as we pave our way towards becoming a Superapp. By next year, you'll be able to view all your interactions with a brand in one convenient place – from receipts to tickets, and from discount coupons to shipping details.

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